Roasta Rica Blend

Roasta Rica Blend
$8.55 - 14.45 /lb $14.45
$8.55 - 14.45 /lb $14.45
Region: Central America
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Product Description

We are very excited to offer a new addition to our signature blends! Roasters Blend October 2010 was by far our most popular selling Roasters blend ever. Combining City, Dark, and Light roast Costa Rican beans, we merged all the best qualities of Costa Rican coffee into one terrific blend.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Best coffee I have purchased from coffeebeandirect by now...
By Sino - 9/26/2017
“For short, it is very flavorful and noticable body but smooth...”
Our Favorite Blend
By Bill - 6/12/2017
“This is our all time favorite blend. My wife and I have been drinking it since it was first intoduced. The full flavored body and bright acidity hit our palate just right. We enjoy this blend most mornings, but it fits the bill for anytime.”
Wonderful wake up coffee
By Paul - 10/24/2016
“We like to surprise ourselves with our newly purchased coffee so we usually make the first batch for breakfast the day after it arrives. What a wonderful surprise this was! A nice dark tilt without going too far. A nice bright flavor that persists for just long enough. Fine aroma that lets everyone know that it's coffee time. Cream and sugar are gracefully acceptable to this blend, made a little on the strong side just to exploit the rich flavors...may have to make an extra pot. Brewed with 192 degree water in a #4 Melitta filter and cone into a Bunn insulated stainless carafe. Grinding by Barista burr grinder. Really great stuff and a good one for our fine fall weather.”