Seville Orange Flavored Coffee

Seville Orange Flavored Coffee
$7.85 - 13.15 /lb $13.15
$7.85 - 13.15 /lb $13.15
Region: Central + South America + India
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Product Description

Real pieces of orange zest add a natural aroma and flavor to this tart and tangy flavored coffee. Seville Orange makes for a surprisingly refreshing cup, especially iced.

Ingredients: Coffee beans, dried orange peel, natural and artificial flavor

Product Reviews (14)

Overall rating
Add chocolate for the best results!
By Lizzy - 2/14/2018
“Orange and coffee make for an oddball pairing, but a surprisingly delicious one! If you're a fan of citrus, then this is the coffee for you. If you're a fan of chocolate and citrus, add a packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate for an impromptu Seville Orange Mocha. Best thing about this flavor is how well chocolate pairs with it. ”
feel like in paradise when you drink this coffee
By Aleksandar - 12/30/2017
“This is best coffee in the world. Very, very delicious, smooth , perfect strong. The bag is so nice. Delivery was faster than speed of light . Coffee bean direct is not 5 stars. It is worth millions stars. Love it. ”
This is my FAVORITE!
By Debbie - 12/10/2017
“I love this coffee! Not only is the flavor delicious, Coffee Bean Direct does everything to perfection - the grid, the resealable package design, and a handwritten thank you message. I've had other orange-flavored coffees, but none compare to the freshness and flavor. You can even see that they use real orange rinds in with the coffee beans.”