Six Bean Espresso

Six Bean Espresso
$8.60 - 15.15 /lb $15.15
$8.60 - 15.15 /lb $15.15
Region: Central + South America, India + Indonesia
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Product Description

Our President, and founder, spent many months creating this blend, and consulted numerous espresso gurus for their input. The result is an espresso blend now served in coffee shops across the nation.

This blend is intended especially for espresso, and offers an evenly colored crema, moderate acidity, and a smooth body.

Roasted to a French Roast level, this blend is not quite as dark as our Italian Roast Espresso. The exquisite blend of six unique beans makes this a blend not to be missed.

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
We LOVE this espresso blend!
By Kate - 2/12/2017
“After trying local coffees with no luck (AT ALL), we found CBD and ordered their espresso sample pack. Hands down, the six bean espresso was the best! It's full bodied but smooth, and produces beautiful layering and crema when used with an espresso machine. People love having coffee out our house. We're on our fourth 5 lb bag in eight months :)”
Good but Oily
By Mark - 8/10/2016
“This is a great espresso roast, but I have issues with the beans feeding into my espresso machine properly since they are so oily. I am going to try the Medium Espresso roast, which I read is less oily and feeds better into the machine. If you don't need to worry about the feeding issue, this is a great pick.”
By Stefanie - 8/8/2015
“"Whoa" is the best way I can describe this espresso. I bought this for a coworker who uses it frequently in a moka pot and very much enjoys it. I bought myself a pound to try with the office espresso machine (which, turns out is ancient and not a good tester). I recently acquired a very nice home espresso machine and immediately bought a pound of this blend. Wow! Lots of complex flavors, extremely smooth and a delicious golden crema. I've never had an espresso this delicious in my life. I love cream, but to drink this any other way than black should be a sin. I cannot recommend this espresso blend enough! CBD does not disappoint yet again. It starts of strong, and ends with a clean citrus finish. 5 stars from me!”