Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee

Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee
$8.25 - 13.45 /lb $13.45
$8.25 - 13.45 /lb $13.45
Region: Central + South America + India
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Product Description

You know those cone shaped bags of delicious, sugar-glazed toasted pecans at farmer’s fairs and carnivals? If so, then I’d bet you also know how tasty this flavor would be with a full-bodied cup of coffee. Find out exactly how good it is with our Southern Pecan flavored coffee. Combining the buttery flavor of toasted pecans with our smooth, light roasted beans, the first sip will show you how warm Southern hospitality can be. Snatch up this flavor while you can!

Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

Does not contain any nuts.

Product Reviews (3)

Overall rating
By Aurelio - 1/25/2019
“Really enjoyed this. Would buy again”
A good cuppa
By June - 8/14/2018
“My husband liked this better than the choc. glazed doughnut (as he usually likes a chocolate taste, but this proved better to him, mild and good tasting.”
Southern Pecan is well worth the purchase!
By Derrick - 8/5/2018
“Im not normally a fan of a flavored coffee, this one is completely different from any flavored coffee you will cup, it is a well balanced full-bodied cup of coffee. Southern Pecan will be a favorite, combining the buttery flavor of toasted pecans with a delicious quality bean gives you a delightful taste.
The light roast allows the “pecan” to be delivered week. I would like to have it roasted just a little more.... but all in all an amazing cupping experience. Well Done!”