Super Dark Espresso

Super Dark Espresso
$8.50 - 14.85 /lb $14.85
$8.50 - 14.85 /lb $14.85
Region: South America + India
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Product Description

This espresso blend is the darkest that we offer. Seriously, if you wanted it any darker, we’d have to just set it on fire. A custom blend of coffee beans roasted until black and oily, this is what espresso is all about: a heavy, hearty, and bittersweet cup.

Product Reviews (2)

Overall rating
By amanda - 9/7/2016
“I love this roast. I use a French press and am totally addicted! I really like the dark waxy bean.”
Freshly ground coffee
By James - 2/10/2016
“I have been using Coffee Bean Direct for about 3 years. I have a Saeco Superautomatic machine that I use to make regular coffee and espresso. This is by far the best and most flavorable coffee I have found. Just a note to the true coffee lover- buy direct from Coffee Bean Direct instead of through Amazon or another re-seller. The beans will arrive 2 days after roasting which makes a measurable difference than beans that have sat in a warehouse and dried out. My wife and I both agree this is the best coffee we have experienced in our 62 years of life!”