Super Dark Espresso

Super Dark Espresso
$8.50 - 14.85 /lb $14.85
$8.50 - 14.85 /lb $14.85
Region: South America + India
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This espresso blend is the darkest that we offer. Seriously, if you wanted it any darker, we’d have to just set it on fire. A custom blend of coffee beans roasted until black and oily, this is what espresso is all about: a heavy, hearty, and bittersweet cup.

Product Reviews (5)

Overall rating
Best Espresso since I was in the Mediterranean
By Terry L. - 6/17/2017
“When I was in the service I got hooked on espresso when we hit all the ports in southern Europe and North Africa, it was a very calmer place back then. The rich roasting of Arabian and Indian beans were addicting. Although I am sure there are HIGH PRICED beans out there that are better, these dark roasted beans are as close to what I remember from back in the day. ”
By Karen L - 6/7/2017
“I have been looking for this kind of coffee since I left Seattle. I have purchased several kinds and was disappointed. The last order I placed, I could not even smell the coffee and it was a bust - this is wonderful - as soon as I opened the box the perfume was everywhere... I LOVE it.... and will be a customer for life or what's left of it, hee he....
Rich, Bold and Delicious!
By Lora - 5/28/2017
“My husband and I LOVE this Super Dark Espresso Coffee!! It has delicious flavor and richness!! WE always miss our Coffee Bean Direct coffee when we travel because no motel or "coffee house" can compare with our coffee we make at home from Coffe Bean Direct!! We also LOVE the fact we can get WHOLE bean!! You'll never regret buying this coffee!!!!”