Unroasted CO2 Decaf Colombian/Espresso

$8.79 - $9.15 /lb
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The size of coffee grinds, which impacts brewing contact time, extraction rate and flow rate. Choose the Grind Level based on your preferred brewing method.

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Region: South America
Recommended Roast:

Our Roastmaster’s suggested roast level(s) designed to extract the best body, acidity, and flavor profile from your coffee.






These single-origin Colombian beans are decaffeinated with the CO2 process, developed in Germany. Our CO2 Decaf Colombian is excellent as an espresso, and at a French or Italian roast, it produces a rich crema and bold, slightly sweet brew. The enterprising roaster will also find that a light roast is equally complementary to these versatile beans and creates a sweet tasting cup with a balanced body and intoxicating aroma.

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