Vermont Maple Crunch Flavored Coffee

Vermont Maple Crunch Flavored Coffee
$8.25 - 13.45 /lb $13.45
$8.25 - 13.45 /lb $13.45
Region: Central + South America + India
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Product Description

I know what you're thinking..."Crunchy Coffee?" Well, yes and no. Sure if you tried to eat the beans you would find some serious crunch, but in this case we are talking about the savory nutty taste that accompanies the Vermont maple flavoring on these light roast beans. So, it only tastes crunchy. Get it?

Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

Product Reviews (7)

Overall rating
By Susan - 10/25/2018
“ of all my coffee flavors that I love this one remains in my top 3 favorites. iI just love everything about it and maple is a true flavor...please stay true to this as it can not be perfected!”
Pleasant surprise
By CherBear - 11/23/2017
“I like all things maple and was intrigued by the combination of flavors. It has just the right amount of aroma and taste - not overdone like many flavored coffees. A new favorite.”
It's not a bad coffee...
By Richard - 10/25/2017
“But where's the maple? I love all things maple. I was so hopeful for this coffee. I will admit I was suspicious of flavored whole bean can that be? Immediately upon getting the box in the house, I started boiling water for the French Press. Upon opening the bag of beans I No maple. Okay... I will smell it when I grind the beans, right? No. Okay, well, when the hot water hits the grinds I will smell it, right? No. Okay - well, I will definitely taste the maple! No. It's a decent coffee. A great roast and a bit of a flavor there. But maple... not so much. ”