Caramel Royale Flavored Coffee

Caramel Royale Flavored Coffee
$7.85 - 13.15 /lb $13.15
$7.85 - 13.15 /lb $13.15
Region: Central + South America + India
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Product Description

Our rich and creamy caramel flavoring with just a hint of vanilla performs wonderfully on our light roasted blend. Caramel compliments the natural flavors of coffee perfectly, and this is a shining example.

Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

Product Reviews (10)

Overall rating
A Solid Choice
By Lizzy - 2/14/2018
“The caramel flavor isn't as strong as I would like, but otherwise, you can't really go wrong with the Caramel Royale flavor. It's still a solid choice. ”
Did they forget to add the flavor?
By Robert - 1/26/2018
“I could not even taste a caramel flavor. Tasted like regular coffee. Well regular great coffee that I have always gotten from CoffeeBeanDirect. But I will go back to my favorite Jamaican Blue Mountain Style. Still love the company but was disappointed with Caramel Royale Coffee. It was almost like they forgot to add the flavor. ”
Try all the rest...then try the BEST!
By David - 11/19/2017
“Truly awesome. We've tried many flavors and keep coming back to this one.
Previous supplier stopped carrying this years ago...found CBD and the rest is history. Been buying from CBD for 6+ years...consistent EVERY time. We are addicts.”