Flavored Coffee

We sell all coffees in 4 bag sizes: 25-lb burlap (lowest price per pound), 5-lb valve bag, 2.5-lb valve bag and 1-lb valve pouch.

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  1. Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee
    $7.95 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
    Welcome to Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee season. There’s a lot to be excited about this fall. Cozy sweaters, the sudden shift to warm, autumnal colors, crisp nights, and most importantly… pumpkin spice everything! Our brew has the classic blend of … read more
  2. Salted Caramel Brownie Flavored Coffee
    $7.95 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
    Recently, our flavor wizards vacationed in Paradise City (you know - where the brownies are sweet and the caramel’s salty). Reminiscing over the experience, they decided to bring this little taste of heaven to life. Combining the flavors of fudgy … read more
  3. Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee
    $7.95 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
    You know those cone shaped bags of delicious, sugar-glazed toasted pecans at farmer’s fairs and carnivals? If so, then I’d bet you also know how tasty this flavor would be with a full-bodied cup of coffee. Find out exactly how good it is with our … read more
  4. Summer Berry Crumble Flavored Coffee
    $7.95 - 13.25 /lb $13.25
    Summer is here! Whether you’re the type who wants to live it up in the sun or who salvages your sanity in the cool bliss of central air, everyone can be grateful it’s berry picking season. We certainly are, and that’s why we’ve put together this … read more

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