Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee
$7.75 - 13.05 /lb $13.05
$7.75 - 13.05 /lb $13.05
Region: Central America + India
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Product Description

French is the language of love, and our new flavor, “Crème Brulee,” is proof of that fact! Naturally, we’ve included this famous dessert in our selection for Valentine’s Day. This decadent flavored coffee is brought to life by silky vanilla and rich caramel liqueur. Bring the elegance of a Parisian café to your own home with a delectable cup of “Crème Brulee” this season, but please, don't try to set it on fire.

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Delicious coffee
By Annette - 6/22/2017
“I love this coffee! I can taste the caramel just like i was eating a creme brulee.”
A bit disappointing...
By Lena - 5/16/2017
“So, not only is this brew a bit weak, but I don't really get the creme brulee taste and in fact the smell of the beans in the bag is not particularly pleasant. :/”
Great smelling wake up call
By Carmen - 2/20/2015
“We love flavored coffee in the morning. We have tried many favors and this is our favorite! You can taste the caramel and the vanilla in every sip. Great hot or iced! Why buy flavored coffee if the flavors are not discernable? We grind our beans in our Cuisinart coffe maker and find there is never an oily residue or clumping. Many of our friends have enjoyed a cup or two! Keep up the good work!”