Danish Blend

Danish Blend
$9.00 - 12.95 /lb $12.95
$9.00 - 12.95 /lb $12.95
Region: Central + South America + India
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Product Description

This blend gets its namesake from the Dutch East India Co., which first began importing coffee to Europe on a grand scale. Containing both light and dark roasted beans, this selection brings the aroma and full bodied flavor of a dark roast, but features the complex, sweet undertones of a light roast. Discover why this blend made coffee what it is today!

Product Reviews (4)

Overall rating
Balanced,Smooth, and Delicious
By patti - 6/1/2017
“I just love a balance, smooth coffee....the perfect all day cup. This blend allows you to make your coffee as strong as you like and still receive all of the benefits of a "balanced blend". Rating of 5 stars is well deserved. ”
love it!
By Sandra - 5/23/2017
“Being Danish I had to try this blend. Happy I did! It is a great blend with full coffee power but also with lots of smoothness. Powerful & soft - just like we Danes like to see ourselves :-)”
By Paul - 7/22/2015
“First impressions being somewhat important, I bravely brewed a batch for breakfast as a first trial...pretty high risk deal but...the stuff is great! It's a tasty blend with no sharp corners and a very smooth finish. Both of us are sugar and cream users so there were the usual small additions but even without, this is a very agreeable blend. Subtle, tasty and as mentioned, with a very smooth finish.”