Dark Sulawesi Kalossi

Dark Sulawesi Kalossi
$10.50 - 16.30 /lb $16.30
$10.50 - 16.30 /lb $16.30
Region: Indonesia
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On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, not far from the village Kalossi, the high-altitude volcanic soil is perfect for growing coffee. Known for its rich, earthy body and smooth finish, this bean features delightful berry flavor notes and a heady, exotic aroma. When brought to the French Roast level, this coffee retains its inherent smoothness while adding substantial body and flavor. Like other Indonesian coffees, Sulawesi Kalossi has a very low acidity, and thus, it makes for an excellent morning coffee. Give your palate the royal treatment with this silky brew!

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Overall rating
Top Tier Sulawesi
By Luke - 12/23/2018
“From its intense aroma to its deep body and wonderfully complex flavor, this is an excellent Sulawesi. The mellow, silky taste of this bean has no hint of bitterness which is rare for a roast this dark. ”
Complex, dark, strong and mellow.
By George - 11/3/2018
“The nice people at CBD sent me a sample of this coffee that was new to me until then. Being generally cautious of dark glistening beans I was very pleasantly surprised by the unexpected mellow taste and the significant depth of this coffee.
The four stars could very well become five once I fine tune the grind and extraction times that best suit this variety.
Thank you CBD.”
Most Excellent
By Robert - 1/8/2018
“Rich, dark, inviting aroma, and exceptionally full flavored without a hint of bitterness. My first unground 5 pound bag was in search of just such a type of coffee for my daily choice. I've found it.”