Dark Sumatra Mandheling

Dark Sumatra Mandheling
$9.60 - 15.49 /lb $15.49
$9.60 - 15.49 /lb $15.49
Region: Indonesia
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A staple of coffee shops throughout the world, Sumatra has a rich, earthy flavor and is considered to be among the finest beans available. Hailing from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Sumatran beans are very low in acidity and produce an aroma that ranges from maple syrup to chocolate to toasted almonds. A cup of this brew is smooth and full-bodied with a robust, dry finish with a distinct note of baker’s chocolate.

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Overall rating
Great brew!
By Ann - 2/22/2018
“I am so happy with this coffee. At my doctor’s suggestion, I needed to find a “low acid” coffee I first ordered this coffee in October and have been totally satisfied.
It tastes great, has low acid, ( creates no issues with reflux), and my family likes it too.
The delivery is great, it comes just as planned. The shipping cost is so reasonable too.
Even better, every now and then, there’s a $5.00 coupon to use included in the order. A nice perk! ”
Love this coffee!
By Kimberly - 1/7/2018
“I was looking for a place online to order my coffee beans in bulk. It was getting too expensive to buy them a pound at a time at the local Starbucks. I ordered a pound each of the Dark Sumutra Mandheling and the Decaf Dark Sumatra Mandheling. They are wonderful - intense flavor, rich scent, and no bitterness. I've used both a drip coffee brewer and a french press - wonderful coffee each time. By using the subscription for coffee delivery, I've cut my coffee bean cost nearly in half. Love this company, and love their beans!”
For Cold Brew
By Erin - 12/27/2017
“For those who like cold brew coffee, and for those who have yet to start, This is THE BEST coffee to grind for cold brew coffee. The the grind should be Course.”