Dark Sumatra Mandheling

Dark Sumatra Mandheling
$9.50 - 15.39 /lb $15.39
$9.50 - 15.39 /lb $15.39
Region: Indonesia
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A staple of coffee shops throughout the world, Sumatra has a rich, earthy flavor and is considered to be among the finest beans available. Hailing from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Sumatran beans are very low in acidity and produce an aroma that ranges from maple syrup to chocolate to toasted almonds. A cup of this brew is smooth and full-bodied with a robust, dry finish with a distinct note of baker’s chocolate.

Best ever!!
By Marlene - 6/24/2016
“Best ever...I almost had to give up coffee as the acid was killing me. This coffee is low acid and tastes like it was made in Heaven. I am saved!!
Long Time Favorite
By Terry A - 3/20/2016
“We feel in Love with this years ago and have tried many other types BUT have always come back to this delicious and satisfying blend of coffee. You just can't go wrong if you enjoy a GOOD ROBUST CUP OF COFFEE !!!”
Elegant and subdued...
By Paul - 1/3/2016
“I'm usually not big on dark roast as it's usually over the edge...something our local roasters have become noted for in addition to outrageous prices, but I decided to throw prejudice out the window and try this one...glad I did. My wife and I had this for our breakfast coffee every day until we ran out. It has the character of a dark roast and the elegance that comes of restraint, the roaster hit it right on the head...as usual. We have our next bag open now, November 2015 roasters blend. I'm sure it will be as good as the rest and interestingly different than the last...the Sumatra however gets my vote for being a really fine dark roast and a first recommendation for someone wanting to try a dark roast...Chemex filter brewed st 192 degrees F and burr ground a minute before brewing.”