Decaf Dark Sumatra

Decaf Dark Sumatra
$10.00 - 16.40 /lb $16.40
$10.00 - 16.40 /lb $16.40
Region: Indonesia
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Regarded as some of the smoothest coffees in the world, dark Sumatra is very popular in the American Northwest, and is a regular offering of some of the finest coffee shops.

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Overall rating
Deep flavor without bitterness
By Elizabeth - 3/20/2018
“We are delighted with this coffee. Highly recommend. ”
Great dark decaf!
By Ann - 2/22/2018
“As i said in my other review, I was advised by my doctor to look for a low acid coffee. This fits the bill! I’ve been drinking it since October, with no issues. But, more than that, I am sold with the flavor of the coffee and the great service from Coffee Bean Direct. I was a loyal Starbucks drinker, but they no longer offered decaf Sumatra. So, I looked online for it and found Coffee Bean Direct. I enjoy it so much, that I don’t miss going to Starbucks. I got a thermos and take my home brewed coffee along with me for the “road”. Thanks so much!”
By coffeeplz - 1/20/2018
“I tried their decaf sumatra & I mixed it with regular sumatra from Starbucks (1/3 caf 2/3 decaf) It was awesome but now I have ordered both the sumatra caf & decaf from Coffee Bean Direct and will try the same blend. It all started when I could not get decaf sumatra from Starbucks here in Naples, Florida during CHRISTMAS. I use the sumatra because it is low acid and doesn't bother my acid reflux. I use the decaf / caf blend so I don't get the jitters. The 1/3 caf is just enough of a boost in the morning. I also tried the Java estate but sumatra is the best flavor and java is a little more acidic and there isn't any decaf.