French Roast Colombian Supremo

French Roast Colombian Supremo
$8.80 - 14.05 /lb $14.05
$8.80 - 14.05 /lb $14.05
Region: South America
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This coffee is what off-the-shelf brands are trying to emulate when they offer “100% Colombian” blends. Not one of them comes close to the quality of a fresh roasted Colombian Supremo bean. These large French roasted beans have a full, robust body and chocolaty aroma. The sweet coffee features rich notes of honey and black cherry with a smooth finish. If you are new to buying freshly roasted coffee or haven’t tried this customer favorite, this selection will satisfy your coffee craving!

Product Reviews (13)

Overall rating
Been buying this for years
By Duane - 12/30/2017
“I started buying the coffee about 9 years ago, its always fresh and tastes better than anything you can get from the grocery store and most coffee shops, I will continue to be a Coffee Bean Direct customer for years to come, even got my brother and my brother in law hooked on the Coffee Bean Direct store and they love it! Thanks for years of great service!”
Surprisingly great
By Yevgeniya - 10/1/2017
“I was surprised at how much I liked this coffee. It's smooth and dark and rich.”
One sip and you may recall your very first cup of French Roast...
By Paul - 7/27/2017
“It came in yesterday and I could hardly wait to brew a cup this morning. A "best way" to start the day for sure. Filter brewed with clean water. It is just wonderful, a terrific dark roast with no harsh edges. It's a very flavorful break from regular coffee...we had been working on 5 pounds of Colombian Supremo City Roast but were almost out so I decided to try something different. We are normally not Dark Roast or French Roast types but this may change all of that. Great taste, great aroma. I made a good choice on this one.”