$7.75 - 13.05 /lb $13.05
$7.75 - 13.05 /lb $13.05
Region: Central America + India
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Product Description

Hazelnut is right up there with French Vanilla when it comes to popular flavored coffees. Rich and nutty, it perfectly compliments our light roasted blend of beans to create a beverage that has become a standard in the industry.

Product Reviews (6)

Overall rating
Hazelnut Perfection
By Rosa - 11/15/2016
“I look forward to going to bed every night, just so I can wake up to my morning Hazelnut!! This is epic hazelnut, a light roast and yummy aroma and taste. I agree, skip the flavored creamer.”
Good Stuff!
By Margie - 9/23/2016
“This is a great blend!!”
I love Hazelnut coffee
By rodger - 7/11/2015
“This is a very good coffee. Nutty, pleasing to the taste. Most enjoyable cup of coffee I have had in a long time.”