Iced Coffee Blend

Iced Coffee Blend
$8.75 - 14.10 /lb $14.10
$8.75 - 14.10 /lb $14.10
Region: Central America + Indonesia
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Product Description

Featuring beans from Central America and Indonesia, this blend is mostly dark roast coffee with a touch of city and light roasted beans for a complex, full-bodied flavor. Whether you’re looking for good iced coffee at home on a lazy summer afternoon or a travel companion for your warm weather adventures, this coffee offers crisp, bold refreshment. Skip the coffee shop and make iced coffee at home with this special blend!

Product Reviews (8)

Overall rating
Decaf Iced Coffee Blend
By Carol - 4/17/2019
“I have had this iced coffee blend and thought it was very good. I only wish it came in a decaffeinated option. Too much caffeine gives me leg cramps. It is a very good coffee, otherwise.”
Favorite blend
By Nancy - 10/2/2018
“This blend is the best I have ever tried. It's so good that I don't get my cold brew from the coffee shops anymore - i pack my own from home. ”
Dreaming of the perfect iced coffee? Dream no more!
By Rick - 8/4/2018
“Made the first cup this morning from the latest CBD delivery. Took the first drink, I was in coffee dreamland. As I've said on a different review, I don't know anything about coffee "nuances" I just know what good coffee tastes like. You know those awesome coffee candies from See's Candy? Its like drinking the best they have, only better!”