Iced Coffee Blend

Iced Coffee Blend
$8.65 - 14.00 /lb $14.00
$8.65 - 14.00 /lb $14.00
Region: Central America + Indonesia
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Product Description

Roastmaster Al came up with a new blend of coffee for his own personal enjoyment which he then shared with the rest of us here at Coffee Bean Direct, and it became a huge hit! This blend of coffees from Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, and Panama smelled amazing before it was even brewed, causing everyone to beg for a taste. Comprised mainly of dark roasted coffee, with highlights of light and city roast, we figured Al’s new blend would make a great iced coffee and it quickly became a sensation around the office and roasting facility. Literally every day since the first batch was made—and sometimes more than once a day—we were brewing this blend for iced coffee; every day, someone on staff was being sent out to the store to pick up more bags of ice to support our new habit!

Product Reviews (5)

Overall rating
Best. Ever.
By David - 11/24/2017
“This is, hands down, the best iced coffee blend I've come across. I no longer experiment trying to find anything better - this is it. I prefer it to any cold brew/iced coffee in any coffee shop.”
By Steve N - 7/26/2017
“I've had a hard time finding a good blend to make at home and most places don't sell a good iced coffee blend. I've tried them all including trying to do my own blends. I don't even remember how I found this place but I'm now ordering my 3rd pound and have no plans to start buying beans elsewhere including their house roasts for the morning coffee.”
Best cold brew blend I have found.
By Steve - 4/9/2017
“I've gone thru nearly 10 pounds of this stuff. It's nearly time to order more beans and it's hard not to just go with this again. I cold brew with this and have found it's flavor to be rich and satisfying cold or hot as my wife requires a microwaved cup in the morning. Look no further if you need the perfect cold brew blend. ”