Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG

Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG
$11.30 - 16.25 /lb $16.25
$11.30 - 16.25 /lb $16.25
Region: Central America
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Nicaragua is a fairly new entry into the coffee export world (the late 1800s, which qualifies as “fairly new” in the world of coffee!), and has made quite a splash already. Some experts say that this coffee can give Kona a run for its money, but only time will tell.

The SHG (Strictly High Grown) grade here is especially important, as the highest grown coffees of Nicaragua do not develop the high acidity that is associated with many Central American coffees. This is a very well balanced cup, featuring a mild body, light acidity, and excellent aroma.

Product Reviews (5)

Overall rating
OK for light roast coffee
By E-Coffee - 10/31/2018
“I am not a big fan of light roast coffee, so please read this review with that in mind. The coffee smells really good in the bag, but when prepared as a drink, it disappoints. It seems low in acidity, which is OK, but the taste is bland for the most part. The redeeming feature is a light, aromatic bouquet that is the odor of the coffee coming through the liquid. That elusive, transparent, aromatic kick is what makes it worth drinking. ”
By Deborah - 7/26/2018
“I have two coffees that just seem to make my taste buds go “Ahhhh”....this is not one. I have ordered it twice by accident and gave both lbs away. Just not my flavor. So I won’t put it down because it might be a taste that is right for someone. I like smooth soft spoken coffees without any chocolate flavors. I see lots of good ratings so try it!”
Very good coffee!
By Joseph - 12/29/2017
“Great value and great taste.”