Rebrand New Face, Same Taste -- Coffee Bean Direct animated hero imageRebrand New Face, Same Taste -- Coffee Bean Direct animated mobile image

This might come as a surprise,
especially if you haven’t had your daily coffee yet.
But your eyes aren’t deceiving you. We got a makeover. A big one.

Rebrand New Face-Same Taste -- new Coffee Bean Direct mug and Costa Rican Tarrazu 1lb bag
But We’re More Than a Pretty Face

Take a look when you’re trying to wake up at the breakfast table. There is a whole lot of our personality in every bag now. More than there ever was. We’re a family business. Our bright new face is designed to get a place at your family’s table too.

Rebrand New Face-Same Taste -- Family-owned photo with Andrew and Harrison
It’s Still What’s on the Inside That Counts

That’s what Andrew and Harrison (our father & son leadership duo) always say. And they are absolutely right. So, we kept everything inside our bags just the same. With the same beans, roasts, and roasters. Why change a winning cup of coffee, right?

Rebrand New Face-Same Taste -- People on the street with Coffee Bean Direct rebrand face logo

Why Wink?

Sometimes a wink contains everything you need to know. Wink. Everything is gonna be okay. Wink. Wanna grab a coffee? We know a good cup of coffee is often more than the beans. It’s about the moment you share. Alone or with your loved ones. Coffee makes all the difference.

One of a Grind

This new motto reflects our dedication to make every single bean we grind and roast count. Because to us, you’re not just a customer number. You are a person who deserves the best quality service out there. You are even more than that.

You are what makes our coffee great. And we are not just saying that. Many of you have been with us since the crack of yawn - helping us refine every batch and blend we’ve sent since then.

More About Us
Never Run Out of Coffee Again

We all know the dreadful feeling of waking up and seeing that somebody (maybe your past-self) took the last bit of coffee without telling (probably present-you) about it. Our subscriptions help. And they are just as great as they’ve always been.

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