Peru High Grown

Peru High Grown
$8.70 - 13.65 /lb $13.65
$8.70 - 13.65 /lb $13.65
Region: South America
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This versatile coffee bean is grown in high altitude regions in Peru. Moderately acidic with a soft body and flavor, this bean is ideal as a blending coffee or all on its own. Much like other South and Central American coffees, this varietal has a slightly nutty flavor quality, but is just a touch softer. Our Light roast perfectly retains the delicate balance these superb beans have to offer.

Product Reviews (12)

Overall rating
By Jerry - 2/10/2019
“Follow up on review. Blended Peru And Jamaican style 1 to 1 and got a good cup of coffee. Just had to add a tad of sweetener.”
Oh No
By Jerry - 2/5/2019
“If you like bitter coffee, this one is for you.”
My favorite one on here so far.
By Treena - 10/8/2018
“I've been ordering different coffees from here each time I do order to try different varieties and this is my favorite so far!”