Poor Man's Blend

Poor Man's Blend
$7.60 - 10.49 /lb $10.49
$7.60 - 10.49 /lb $10.49
Region: South America + India
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Product Description

Don’t let the name keep you from trying this coffee! Called Poor Man's Blend because of its distinction as our lowest priced coffee blend, this mix of South American beans is still of excellent quality.

We also recommend this coffee to customers interested in using roasted coffee for projects, displays, centerpieces, or other artistic pursuits because of its low cost.

Good stuff!
By Paul - 7/25/2016
“Given to us as a joke gift by a friend tired of listening to my kvetching about the cost of everything nowadays. We opened it this morning and were greeted by the typical fresh roasted whole bean smell of CBD's always good coffee. Freshly ground beans went into the stainless screen filter and the normal amount of Reverse osmosis water at 192 degrees was added. Our #4 filter holder takes three hot water refills and then we have freshly brewed coffe of the perfect strength for our tastes. We start with 5 tablespoons of whole beans ground in a Starbucks Barista grinder and are brewing into a clean vacuum insulated stainless carafe by Bunn. The coffee is excellent, tasty, no harsh edges and takes well to cream and sugar. Reminds me of the very best diner coffee I've ever had...damn good and with a decent caffiene kick to boot. This will become my go to coffee when I can't make up my mind. Very impressive, especially for the price...no kvetching.”
Very good coffee
By Susan - 7/17/2014
“This is one of the absolute favorites in our household!!”
not a pleasurable coffee drinking experience
By guy - 8/11/2013
“i was cost conscious and figured how bad can a cheap coffee be. i mean coffee is coffee right?-wrong.! this stuff was everything you would not want in a coffee taste experience. no subtle flavors, just a harsh, bitter tasting experience. and i bought 25 pounds! was i glad when it was finished and vowed not to put price on top of my list in a search for good tasting coffee.