Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling
$10.30 - 15.95 /lb $15.95
$10.30 - 15.95 /lb $15.95
Region: Indonesia
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A staple of coffee shops throughout the world, Sumatra has an earthy, chocolaty flavor and is considered to be among the finest beans available. Hailing from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, this varietal is ideal as a dessert coffee or for those who want to avoid high-acid brews. Featuring a dry finish and sweet aroma, these full-flavored beans will leave you wanting more.

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Overall rating
Not a light roast as advertised
By Carter - 6/15/2019
“Buyer beware-CBD does not distinguish their roast levels well and like many roasters are wont to do, they roast their beans beyond the light phase while retaining the "light" moniker for roast descriptions. The SM is a classic example-not a bad product but could be so much more if truly a light roast. ”
Sumatra Mandheling is my favorite coffee CB Direct sells
By Joe - 12/11/2018
“I drink a lot of black coffee. I am not a fan of the foo-foo coffees. I find the Sumatra Mandheling to be a smooth tasting easy on the insides coffee. ”
By BG - 12/8/2017