City Roast Papua New Guinea

City Roast Papua New Guinea
$9.35 - 15.05 /lb $15.05
$9.35 - 15.05 /lb $15.05
Region: Indonesia
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This Indonesian coffee is a transplant from the Jamaican Blue Mountain growing region. The combination of the Jamaican trees and the Indonesian soil creates a truly unique bean. This balanced brew features hints of citrus and dark chocolate and a crisp finish. Not as earthy as a Sumatra and with a lighter body than a Java, this clean cup yields a deep, complex flavor.

Product Reviews (9)

Overall rating
Not my favorite but ok!
By Christi - 5/15/2019
“Didn’t really care for this seemed a bit to bold for us!”
Wow My new go-to coffee
By Joe - 4/13/2019
“This is the best cup of coffee I've had in a long long time. I really think this is better than Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.”
Nice smooth cup of coffee
By Kerry - 1/15/2018
“This city roast Papua New Guinea brews to a really good cup. If your grinder is set right it's a nice smooth body with some really complex notes yet not really much acidity at all and really not as earthy as many Indonesian coffees. Also no hints of fermentation. I recommend trying it and adjusting your settings, you will find it to be very pleasing to the palate throughout the cup.”