City Roast Papua New Guinea

City Roast Papua New Guinea
$8.85 - 14.75 /lb $14.75
$8.85 - 14.75 /lb $14.75
Region: Indonesia
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There’s a lot of talk about coffee from the Jamaican Blue Mountain growing regions. Whenever it comes up, two things are mentioned: the delightfully smooth yet full-bodied flavor profile and the prohibitively high price tag. Luckily, our Papua New Guinea has you covered on both fronts. This unique Indonesian coffee is actually grown on trees transplanted from the Jamaican Blue Mountain region! Not as earthy as a Sumatra and with a lighter body than a Java, it is a clean cup with sweet acidity and a deep, complex flavor. We roast this bean to a City Roast level to bring a full-bodied and rich flavor to this excellent bean.

Too much acidity
By james - 5/9/2016
“This was a smooth coffee, but just to much acidity. I'm an espresso drinker and I was looking for a coffee that has a smooth taste and doesn't leave a bad aftertaste with each shot. When I first tasted the shot it has a rich flavor of dark chocolate, but then comes the acidity at the end of the shot and that over powers the chocolate and that's what your left. Not a very pleasant drink. I would have to drink a glass of water to combat the acid on my taste-buds. I've switched to a lighter roasted coffee (Colombian Supremo) trying to get less acidity and its working out great.
delightful surprise
By guy - 8/6/2015
“after forking over $50+ for a 5 pound bag of kenya aa city roast and getting very disappointed i got a five pound bag of png after reading these reviews and remembering being referred to this as a cheap substitute for jbm or kona, i forget which, by the sweet maria's taste tester.
amazed at extremely wide taste spectrum of coffees. png is a rich, full bodied bean, with chocolate notes and heavy body. remarkably balanced acidity. what a coffee should taste like. the other reviews for this bean are accurate and i must thank the reviewers for their accurate, candid opinions. they come from seasoned coffee drinkers and that counts for alot. too often i find reviews for coffee beans and other consumer items to be of dubious value, where the purchaser has little background or lack of perspective in relation to other related products, but i digress.”
Simply the best....
By Janie - 11/19/2013
“I must say I have NEVER left a review for coffee before now. The city roast Papua New Guinea is...just right. I feel like I've found THE perfect cup of coffee. It's very smooth-absolutely no bitterness or aftertaste. Well worth it, and the folks at CBD are the best to deal with too. I'm happy to do business with them time and again. Try this city roast- you won't be disappointed.”