Grandfather's Blend®

Grandfather's Blend®
$11.99 - 19.97 /lb $19.97
$11.99 - 19.97 /lb $19.97
Region: Africa, Indonesia, South America
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Product Description

Created by our company founder, Grandfather’s Blend® is our homage to grandfathers everywhere and to the strong coffees of yesteryear that fueled them.

Each varietal in this nostalgic blend of African, Indonesian, and South American specialty coffees is separately roasted and then hand blended for a premium, full-flavored brew. This robust coffee features chocolate undertones, a vanilla finish and a deep, velvety body.

Recapturing the golden age of coffee and the era it helped build, Grandfather’s Blend® puts that old-world grit back where it belongs: in your coffeemaker.

Product Reviews (5)

Overall rating
By Keith - 5/13/2017
“Recently I've been searching for a restaurant type blend that has that old time impact. Grandfather's Blend is it! I have been buying City Roast Columbian for years, which is superb coffee, but now I want this. Please don't make it a special. Keep it as a regular blended in your inventory.”
A blend?
By Donald B - 5/12/2017
“I bought it as a special. I must confess It was the first blend my
wife and I have bought, and it was very nice aroma, almost woody.
It tickles my tongue. What more can I say?

Best coffee ever!
By Lisa - 5/9/2017
“This is by far the best coffee my husband and I have had. We order through coffee bean direct a lot and have loved everything but this one just hits the nail on the head! Perfect in all ways and for any time of the day. You won't be disappointed, get it while you can and I do hope we can always get it!”